That holiday break we recently finished was not a vacation. It was only a breath, a moment of pause in a pandemic. Sure, many of us rested but how many educators feel refreshed and ready to return?

This piece is not about toxic positivity. No one has the patience for…


I debated whether to encourage my sophomore Global History students to watch President Trump’s address on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Since 2016, it has been difficult to navigate how to incorporate civics and current events into my social studies classroom. I desire student awareness, but I am concerned that any…

A fight breaks out near the gym entrance at the large, suburban high school where I teach. I see members of the Step Team that I advise walking from that direction and my heart sinks. I send up a quiet prayer. Please, don’t let one of my kids be involved.

A reflection for the day after the 2018 mid-term election.

I am a forty-five-year-old college educated rural voter. I am any politician’s (red or blue) demographic goal. My views are representative of many people of my generation, and of my gender. …

“Is the faculty meeting in the cafeteria, or the auditorium?” I ask two of my colleagues, who both give me smiles filled with bemusement.

We don’t have an auditorium,” comes the reply followed by a resentful chuckle.

How could I forget that the auditorium is no longer operational and that an entire wing of a large, suburban high school building is boarded up, taped off due to asbestos abatement, and will be under construction for an indefinite amount of time?

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Don’t worry, America.

Gaslighting. Once an obscure movie title, gaslighting is now part of the American vernacular. Google defines gaslighting as:

Earbuds as earrings?

about raising adolescents.

The shit is about to get real.

Raising kids, consistently, is the most exhausting, monotonous activity. By the time children reach an age where they can feed themselves, pick out their clothes, and do their own homework, parents are extremely fatigued.

“Sit like a human.”

“Chew with…


It is a foreign feeling to recognize your lack of importance.

As a child, you are given trophies and compliments.

As an adolescent, you are told of your beauty. The opposite sex demonstrates sincere interest.

In your twenties, you land a job, possibilities boundless.

By the year 30, marriage…

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